The Full Story

What We're All About

It's more than just football.


Our Mission

We started Headstrong with one real aim, to create an inclusive, safe and friendly environment where people could come together to enjoy football.

We recognize that football can both bring the best and worst out of people. We wanted to be different.

From personal experience, I was one of those that was picked last in P.E at school. Didn't ask for help when I needed it, through fear of looking silly. I didn't have a voice. We at Headstrong CFC want to give those people their voice. We want to give those people their chance to feel part of something that they may have never have had the courage or opportunity to have been part of before.

Our Vision

We want to change what football is all about. The coaches here at Headstrong have been around football all our lives and to tell the truth, we've seen the ugliest side of the game. The winning mentality and competitiveness can all be useful and wonderful things when used appropriately but it rarely is in the sport.

We believe what we do on the pitch can all translate off the pitch. So our ethos is about being kind and considerate at all times both to one another and our opposition. We want to help players develop strategies to coping with their emotions and in football you get those opportunities to do so. We want you to encourage your teammates to be your allies, your life coaches and your mentors enabling you to develop strong support networks. 

We think football holds so much potential to be a positive experience and its about time we used the sport to create positive lasting change in people, and give a voice back to those who feel they don't have one.